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Original Medicare

Part A (Hospitalization)


Part B (Doctors)


Part D (Prescription Drug Coverage) Available through private companies approved by Medicare to administer such plans.  Although this coverage is optional, there may be a penalty if not chosen at the time of Medicare eligibility.  All plans are created differently and careful attention should be given to the plan formulary (list of covered drugs).


Medigap (Medicare Supplement Insurance Policy) Medigap is a private insurance policy offered by insurance companies, designed to fill the gaps in Part A and Part B coverage



Medicare Advantage Plans

Part C combines Part A and Part B into a single plan offered by private insurance companies approved by Medicare. Insureds must generally see doctors in the plan. Costs may be lower than those associated with original Medicare and the insured may have additional benefits not available with Original Medicare.


If you join a Medicare Advantage Plan, there is no need to purchase a Medigap policy. Medicare Advantage plans are not the same a Medigap policies.

Do I have other options?

Medicare is not a “one size fits all” program. There are various choices, and important differences within those choices. To determine which plan best suits your needs, it is best to speak with an insurance professional that specializes in this arena so that it does not become overwhelming.

Here are some of the very important questions that you should be asking and getting straight answers on.

Is your preference to keep with original Medicare Part A and Part B?

If so, which of the eleven standardized Medigap Plans are right for you?

Which Part D (Prescription) Plan should you choose?

Would a Medicare Advantage Plan work best for you since it is all inclusive and less expensive?

What kind of Medicare Advantage Plan an HMO or a PPO?

Which option offers freedom of choice with doctors and hospitals?

Also, depending on which plans you have, there are enrollment periods in which you are allowed to make changes. There are also other products, such as Indemnity Plans, that can help defer some of your out of pocket expenses. There are programs offered by State and Federal government that can assist in lowering your out of pocket costs as well.

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