Retirement Planning

When it comes to protecting the assets you’ve worked so hard to accumulate your retirement years should be worry free.

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Retirement Planning

Your retirement years should be worry free when it comes to protecting the assets you’ve worked so hard to accumulate. There are a number of products in the marketplace that help you protect those hard earned assets.  We can help you to find the right vehicles available to help you meet your retirement goals.

Fixed Annuities
Provide advantages that make sense for retirees who are looking to protect their hard earned dollars such as:
Tax-Deferred Accumulation, Competitive Interest Rates, Safety/Guarantees, Retirement Income You Can’t Outlive

Indemnity Plans
Provide cash benefits to help cover expenses associated with:
Hospital Confinement, Ambulance Trips, Skilled Nursing Facility, Durable Medical Equipment

Long Term Care Insurance
There are a couple of ways to protect against the high cost of Long Term Care.
You can either purchase a Long Term Care Insurance Policy to pay for those expenses, or purchase a Universal Life Policy with Long Term Care benefits.

Funeral Expense Trust
A Life insurance policy to cover the anticipated costs of your funeral is assigned to an irrevocable funeral trust to protect against probate and Medicaid.

Final Expense Insurance
No one knows when we or a loved one will die, but we can take steps now to help make sure that final expenses will be covered.

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